Discover our precious face and body cosmetic line.


Ancient extraordinary techniques aim to rediscover the ancient Venetian craftsmanship.


Luxurious objects but also fanciful. Our bags are a true expression of style.


Gold for your skin

“Unique and precious products, refined shapes and materials offered by the nature and combined in order to create art, beauty and harmony”.


Venice has been our source of inspiration for the creation of cosmetics and jewels. Since ancient times, Venice has proved to be a broad-minded city. An uncontested queen of trades, Venice succeeded in ruling undisputed across the seas despite uncountable difficulties.

Venice rises majestically on the Venetian lagoon and it teaches us to never limit our horizons. Rather, it inspires us to be curios, to chase our dreams with great dedication and grace.

Our Mission

Enjoy the result of years of long experience in research, and development.

SOLEIL DORÉ is inspired by the antique Venetian tradition and has the aim of creating multiple handcrafted luxury products, which are designed, crafted and developed entirely in Venice. Cosmetics, Gold and Jewels: three families of luxury goods for classy women who love to choose exclusivity.