Murano Jewel Laguna Blu



  • 1 precious hand-made JEWEL, realized with glass melting technique with the original Venetian Murrina
  • 1 small pleather clutch, elegant and refined, to carry always with you your JEWEL


BLUE LAGOON Murano’s Jewel

BLUE LAGOON is a pendant, which evokes the magic of a large expanse of water, in this case our Venetian lagoon, recalling the suggestive nuance of the Adriatic waters. It is a feminine and refined jewel, with intense colors in seawater blue tones, to lend an original and fresh character.

LAGOON line is characterized for its easy shape, slightly rounded, which makes this pendant a precious jewel. Right for the necklines of the young girls, as well as the refined women. Three Venetian Murrinas have been inserted inside the pendant: small details that enhance this colored jewel.

Every glass-melting jewel has been manufactured completely by hand, from the cut to the assembly.
Every object is a piece of a unique and original artisanship. Furthermore, every imperfection is to be considered a quality, adding value to a work realized completely by hand with care and parsimony.